Principal's Message

         Secluded at the road side of Manoharpur our college named "Nice College of Commerce" stands like a modern hermitage of Balangir. The college looks after the growing need of education among its students not only in Curricular Aspects, Teaching, Learning and Evaluation, Consultancy and Extension, Learning Resources, Student Support and Progression but also in Healthy Practices and the most important thing is to  cultivate attitude among the scholars. The word "attitude" may be understood as a  simple and pompous word but it is the cardinal mantra of our noble institution to its students so that the success rate of our institution is 100%. While recognising our students for their wholehearted participation in the growth of this modern temple, we also honour the views, the suggestions, the participations of the parents and alumni for which we harbour glory and glamour. To build this modern pyramid I being the Principal of Junior wing I thank to my collegues and deeply indebted to our Management because without their support and cooperation it is not possible to march forward.



Kunal Mishra

Principal (+2)