Rules & Regulations

Guidelines for the Students

  • Refund of fees not to be allowed once a candidate is admitted into a course.
  • Students, violating the rules, are liable for disciplinary action.
  • Students expelled due to disobedience of college rules & regulations shall not be entitled for any refund of fees and deposits.
  • Students found guilty of misbehaving with any staff (teaching or non-teaching) either inside or outside the campus shall be expelled from the college. Any complaint against any staff members should be intimated in writing to the principal.
  • All students must follow the dress code / uniforms specified by the college inside and outside the campus and carry their identity cards. Any deviation in uniform / dress code will be seriously viewed and students without prescribed uniform will not be allowed to enter into the premises.


  • As per CHSE / University stipulation minimum 75% attendance in a year is required to appear at the Annual Higher Secondary / University Examination. Hence, attendance both in theory and practical classes is a must. All students must attend all the theory, practical and tutorial classes.
  • Students are required to follow the library, computer lab. and the hostel rules as prescribed by the authorities and amended from time to time.
  • Students are advised not to violate / disturb the academic calendar and in specific the examination schedules both weekly / monthly examination.
  • Home assignments given by teachers must be attended to in time and submitted on due dates.
  • Students should maintain peace and silence during class room and lab sessions failing which they will be debarred from the classes.
  • No students should scribble on the desk, bench, walls, toilets or any other place. Any contravention shall result in disciplinary action.
  • No students should use slang or obscene words or resort to such activity like use of drugs, chewing tobacco, smoking. Students observed resorting to such practices shall be liable to disciplinary measures.
  • The Students are required to deposit the course fees on the basis of academic sessions as specified in the fee structure. Fees must be paid as per the institutional norms and in due time. Delay in payment of fees may attract fines and further actions.
  • Students are advised not to involve in any indiscipline activities such as teasing others, quarrelling or beating each other, using torture or harassment both physically and mentally which ultimately leads to greater enmity instead of fraternity and friendship among themselves. Further, they are directed not to involve in ragging either in the college campus or in the hostel. If such cases are detected and some one is found guilty of maltreating others, the concerned student will be straightway expelled from the college or handed over to the police for action.
  • Continuation of studentship in the college will be subject to satisfactory academic progress and good behavior inside & outside the campus.
  • The college reserves the right to cancel studentship under disciplinary and other appropriate grounds, restrict any student due to non-payment of fees and may impose finds on absentees. Students are not allowed to over stay after availing holidays and will be penalized. After completion of the courses of study i.e. after the final examination of the final year of study of the concerned course, the studentship will automatically be ceased.
  • Students intending to remain absent from the college need to obtain prior permission from the competent authority. Unauthorized absence shall lead to cancellation of studentship.
  • Boarders are required to obtain prior permission of the hostel superintendent before they visit their hometown. Prior and post confirmation from their parents are necessary in formal application to the hostel superintendent.
  • Absentees without valid reason or on medical ground need to provide medical certificate along with their parent’s signature. Continuous absentee of 10 days without prior permission of the principal, shall automatically remove the name of the student from the admission register and he / she may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Students are required to observe high sense of discipline in the college at all times. They will also be accountable for the damage or loss or tempering of any property of the college or the hostel by them directly or indirectly. Disciplinary action shall be initiated against them.
  • Use of mobile is forbidden in the campus.
  • The college has the discretion to change the academic expenses or to charge additional fees for other activities like study tour, industrial visit etc. if so required.
  • All legal disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at Balangir only.