Nice College of Commerce & Science



Cultural club:

The cultural club not only assists students in finding and developing various abilities, but it also helps them acquire skills in event management and organization, as well as strong leadership, high morale, and camaraderie.

As a result, CNC is committed to enriching students’ lives through both educational and extracurricular activities. CNC cultural club  provides a wide range of opportunities that are expertly tailored by academic staff and students to test the participants’ spirits and talents in drama, dance, music and so on.

Debate and quiz:

The CNC Debate and Quiz club works to encourage debating and quizzing among students to promote participation in intellectual activities. The club’s goal is to provide a forum for students to effectively examine and define viewpoints. We also want to give direction and structure to their passion for information by allowing them to compete in Quizzing.

An environment in which peers brainstorm, debate, and quiz about relevant topics will aid in the development of intellectual inquiry in participants’ minds, as well as the educational acumen and status of our College as a whole.

Sports club:

CNC’s Sports Club Events are so important that they have the potential to transform a student’s life forever. CNC  Sports clubs exists to promote physical activity among students with voluntary competition, institutional competition, education, involvement, and performance.

Everyone is inspired by students’ spontaneous participation in sports club activities. Students at CNC participate in sports activities like CNC annual cricket league, CNC badminton tournament, CNC annual sports and so on to make their life more enjoyable while also progressing in their future careers in and out of sports.

Photography club:

CNC’s photography club seeks to encourage creativity via photography, to discuss and analyse peers’ work, to educate and enhance technical abilities, and to propagate the beauty, craft, discipline and passion of photography. 

The club aims at conducting photography competitions, displays, workshops, exhibitions in order to bring together people who are like minded for the shared objective to promote photography as an artistic expression.

Social club:

CNC’s social club aims to raise awareness of social obligations and duties among the institute’s future industry leaders. CNC’s NSA (National Service Scheme) club and Leo club strive to make substantial changes in society by interacting with people at the grass – roots level in sectors such as education, wellness, and environmental conservation. 

CNC’s social club  shares moral obligation with the local community and encourages everyone to get involved in all of the college’s programs and festivals. It strives to empower underserved communities while also strengthening CNC’s student community’s zeal towards better decision-making and judgment abilities.